Our mission  – To cultivate conscientiousness, empathy and love towards animals through our educational platform and transparent cooperation with other independent certifying organizations. 


How are we cultivate mindfulness, empathy and love?

Our rescue program, Pure Paws Angels  provides a pragmatic approach to increasing adoption rates while our Groom Wars events support the rescue initiative by fostering a fun and positive environment for rescue groups and other ethics driven organizations and businesses.

We believe that if you change the adoption experience you can increase adoption rates.

To learn more, see our blog post “ Increase Adoption Rates with Positivity and Fun!


How do we promote and provide education?

The Pure Paws Educator Program is helping to self-regulate the unregulated industry of pet professionals, particularly dog grooming in order to – help groomers, by bringing respect to their profession and greater visibility to those who believe it ethically necessary to educate themselves on their work, to pets by advocating for safer standards and to pet owners by fostering trust and reducing the anxiety and guess-work of finding a safe groomer.

To see a list of our program’s graduates please see our Pure Paws Educators page.


How are we increasing transparency and responsibility?

Many are becoming increasingly aware of the insufficient level of regulation for human cosmetics . It follows suit that animal cosmetics are even worse off.  

We are a small company with a big heart and and equally big mission.

In order to help us increase the transparency our industry’s cosmetics, we are working to create Partnerships  with third party organizations that serve to verify companies like us, to hold us responsible and to make sure that we live up to our values of creating a more ethical and livable world.

People we work with 




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