Pure Paws Education

What is the Pure Paws Educator Program?

The Pure Paws Educator Program is an educational platform that serves to raise awareness of the lack of regulation in the pet services and pet products industry while actively increasing regulation by providing education and certification to pet service professionals, focusing on groomers. We also seek to foster cooperation between certifying entities and other independent organizations that are working to improve animal welfare.

Why the Pure Paws Educator Program?

The Pure Paws Educator Program has 3 main goals, helping the 3 groups most affected by the lack of regulation. 1. The Animals - Educating groomers on safety and standards helps to create a safer more responsible grooming industry. 2. The Groomers - Obtaining education and certification increases respect for the professional and industry as a whole allowing for groomers to charge fair pay for fair work. 3. The Pet Parent - Having more knowledge of and greater access to certified professionals reduces the anxiety of finding a safe and responsible groomer.

How are we regulating our products?

Until there is a specific program in place for animal product regulation, Pure Paws is using information from the independent regulatory organizations as rubric to test the health, safety and ethics of our products. We target chemicals that are know to be harmful to both human and animal with specific focus on carcinogens. We currently test our products against the qualifications of The Environmental Working Group (EWG) , Leaping Bunny and The International Fragrance (IFRA) Association. We want the same level of consideration, just for a different species. Best Ingredients = Best Results. And we mean it.

How are we regulating animal services?

For a little over 2 years, Pure Paws has been providing groomers with educational seminars, teaching about skin and coat care, safe grooming practices, ethical breeding programs and more. Over time these seminars have evolved into the Pure Paws Educator Program. The Pure Paws Educator Program was established specifically to address this lack of educational regulation within the pet grooming industry. By focusing on decentralizing our seminars through the creation of satellites, Pure Paws Educators are able to reach and educate more groomers, making education more affordable and accessible and ultimately the pet grooming industry safer for the animals we love.

What can you do to help?

Start by asking the right questions. Ask your groomer if they are certified by any major regulatory agencies. Ask if they are using products that are safe for your pets. We are a small family company with a big industry mission. To help improve the safety of both the products and services available to our animals we must do two things right. One, spread awareness and two, create the demand for change. One way to start, is by spreading awareness of the lack of regulation and of the organizations that are making a difference. To become a certified groomer or for more information on how to find them, you can email us at info@purepaws.net. You can also join us on our facebook group at www.facebook.com/purepawsfamily