Pure Paws Vogue

Pet Freestyle Challenge

by Pure Paws Vogue Dear Groomers and Pet Parents, When you choose to use Pure Paws products for your pet, you choose to further the idea that animals deserve more than the basic necessities for survival; they deserve to be cherished. Part of this sentiment can stem from inviting our pets into the realm of fashion. Fashion excites our senses and delights those privy to presence. For 15 years we have seen Groomers and Pet Parents who go above and beyond a simple shampoo and dry, and who transform their dogs and cats into works of art, who provide a high end salon experience bringing high fashion to the grooming industry. As many of you know, this extra care and attention to the artistry can mean the difference between a simple exchange of money for a groom and your client completely falling in love with their pet again. This humanization of the dog industry helps to elevate the place a dog or cat has in a family home – not just as an accessory to the family unit, but rather a bonafide member, deserving of attention. To celebrate the talent of those who provide pets with this grand treatment, Pure Paws will be holding a Pet Freestyle Grooming Challenge. With this challenge we hope to increase the visibility of dedicated Groomers and Pet Parents worldwide, who are improving this industry by providing pets a chance to be the center of our attention and delight.