Pure Paws Angels

Pure Paws Angels is a rescue organization whose primary aim is to increase adoption rates by providing necessary resources to rescue organizations and by increasing the visibility of our rescuers or as we call them, Angels.

Pure Paws Angels started as a simple facebook page to reward groomers, who despite their busy schedules, volunteered their time to groom animals in need, particularly those involved in rescue. 

On this facebook page, groomers…

  • Share before and after photos
  • Write a short story of either the animals they have rescued themselves or shelter animals they have groomed free of charge
  • This can be done by both individuals and organizations

The awards include…

  • $100 worth of the Pure Paws products of their choice
  • $50.00 check for no-kill 501 C’s
  • And a  Pure Paws Angels Pin from The Animal Rescue Site where free daily “clicks” on their website help to generate funds to provide food to animal shelters. Pure Paws, in partnership with this organization has already helped to supply 650 bowls of dog food! Support them, give them a “click”, it’s totally free! To find out how to enter your before and after, check out the Pure Paws Angels Facebook page. 
Pure Paws Angels Logo

Click to check out Pure Paws Angels facebook page!

This facebook page is just one way Angels are helping to increase adoption rates of rescue animals. Another is participation in Groom Wars, a full blown grooming competition in which groomers can showcase their talents to bring professionalism and pride to the grooming industry while helping to increase animal adoption rates by altering the adoption environment to become more positive, hopeful and fun.

Groom Wars Logo

Click to check out Groom Wars website!

For more information on Pure Paws Angels and Groom wars check out our blog post, Increase Adoption Rates with Positivity and Fun!

If you have any questions about the entry process of Pure Paws Angels USA, please contact Valerie Poly by Facebook or through email at vippetgrooming@gmail.com.Angel, Valerie Poly







For Canadians, reach out to our friend Wendie Patrick at Dogs of Pride is in charge of the Pure Paws Angels in Canada!  

Angel, Wendie Patrick

Angel, Wendie Patrick