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Welcome to Groom Wars, a grooming competition in which groomers use their talents to promote animal adoption and to bring awareness to educational organizations that are helping to regulate the largely unregulated pet services and pet products industry. We do this by altering the adoption environment to become more positive, hopeful and fun.

The 3 categories in which groomers compete, serve to increase cooperation between various sectors of animal welfare.

  1. Marvelous MakeoversRescue
  2. Breed PerfectBreed Standard
  3. En VogueProfessional Groomers

Groom Wars Helping Animal Rescue

Groom Wars aims to bring more positive attention to animal rescue and thus increase adoption rates.

In the rescue category – Marvelous Makeovers, professional groomers will aesthetically transform10 rescue animals, improving how they are perceived, giving  them positive attention and hopefully a new home. 

This round also serves to increase the visibility of the rescue organizations that are partnered with us for that event.

rescue dogs

To support the rescue initiative outside of Groom Wars, the Pure Paws Angels Program, helps increase animal adoption by partnering volunteer groomers with animal shelters. Once a month winners are chosen from the Pure Paws Angels facebook group, and supplied with crucial resources (products, money, social media support) to continue their mission of finding these animals a home.  

For more information on how Pure Paws is working with Groom Wars to promote animal rescue, check out our blog post, Increase Adoption Rates with Positivity and Fun!

Groom Wars Promoting More Ethical Breeding

The breed standard category – Breed Perfect helps educate the public on recognized “breed standards” and on the organizations that promote more ethical breeding programs by testing for genetic and physiological health. Some programs include the American Kennel Club (AKC) and certifying programs like the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)


For more information on this please visit the Breed Standard page on the Pure Paws website.

Groom Wars Promoting Educated Pet Professionals

The creative grooming category – En Vogue brings attention to highly skilled groomers who have often attended independent educational programs which serve to regulate the unregulated grooming industry. Since most programs require adherence to strict safety and handling guidelines, this helps to increase the safety standards of the pet professional industry.

Groom Wars and the Public

Most of the general public is unaware of this overwhelming lack of pet product and pet professional regulation.

crowd of peopleThis means that no licensing is needed for someone in to become a groomer, breeder, boarding kennel etc.

Groom Wars wants to reach out, raise awareness and inform the general public of this issue of the lack of regulation and to bring visibility to the programs like the Pure Paws Educator Program, that are working to fix it.

Without a demand for educated pet professionals, the supply will not come. We are inching ahead but in order to see big change, the public needs made aware of the issues enabling them to be more vocal in demanding regulation of Pet Professionals and Pet Products.

If you are interested in becoming a Groom Wars sponsor, vendor or partner, please visit your Groom Wars website. Or you can contact our Groom Wars General Manager Renee Bartis. 

Renee Bartis


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