How to Safely remove Pet Odors

What causes Odor?

The scent of an object is caused by molecules floating into your nose and attach to hair-like fibers called cilia. When an odor molecule attaches to the cilia, neurons trigger, and you perceive smell. This can be enticing scents like freshly baked bread or a vanilla candle; it can also come from bacteria and urine on your pet.

cute puppy

This little nose is the cutest!

How can I get rid of it?

It goes without saying that a good old fashioned bathe is always great solution for solving the smelly dog issue. However, if you’re like most people, you may find that a few more days go by in between batches than intended. A great interim, is to give your dog mini-baths to help keep him or her smelling clean.

One way to do this is with no-rinse products that contain odor eliminating properties often called deodorizers.

How do deodorizers work?

Deodorizers are different and more effective that simply bathing with a shampoo or spritzing a perfume. The secret lies in the science.

Deodorizers use (molecules?) which actually encapsulate and eliminate odor molecules. This is why they are great to use not just in between batches but also, as pre-shampoo before your regular shampoo, and conditioner regimen––additionally helping to remove that “doggy odor.”

What products help with this?

The Pure Paws No Rinse Express is formulated with deodorizers and a lovely plumeria fragrance. If you are using the Pure Paws Bio-Enzymatic Spray to whiten your dog, we recommend spraying the yellow/orange-ish areas with the No Rinse first, following with a damp cloth, and then applying the Bio-Enzymatic Spray. This is because salts from urine can kill the live enzymes in the Bio-Enzyme spray, thus lessening its effect.

Steps to deodorizing and stain removal

So, if you are looking to whiten dingy areas on your dog’s coat white removing odor, follow these steps.

  1. Spray pet with area Pure Paws No Rinse Express, applying liberally to discolored areas (availabel in concentrate and 8oz
  2. With a damp cloth, remove excess spray.
  3. Spray discolored areas with Pure Paws Bio-Enzyme Spray and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes
  4. Remove excess spray with damp cloth.
  5. Blow dry on medium heat