H2O Shampoo


Our H2O shampoo is formulated for extreme hydration. This shampoo calms the skin and decreases excess oils allowing for healthy oils to permeate the skin and coat adding brilliant, natural shine. Plant extracts maintain perfect hydration.

Passion Flower Extract
Coconut Water
Coconut Oil
Aloe Vera
Nourishes Skin & Coat With fatty Acids. Decreases Excessive Oils on the skin. Fatty acids serve as natural moisturizer. Heals & Repairs Skin. Adds natural Shine.

H20 Conditioner

H20 Conditioner has it all!  After using this product previously dry coats will feel incredibly moisturized without becoming limp or lifeless.  Natural fatty acids & oils such as passion flower and soybean oil nourish the skin & leave the coat weightless.

Passion Flower
Soybean Oil
Aloe Vera
Nourish Skin & Coat with Fatty Acids Promote Hair Growth & Add Strength Soothe with thisAnti-inflammitoryAnti-irritantAnti-bacterial Heals Skin to Add Shine to Coat

H20 Hydrating Mist

H20 Hydrating Mist seals in the moisture and leaves no oily residue.  This unique formula using dimethicone, coconut water and isopropyl palmihelps keep moisture in the hair shafts controlling dry fly away coats without creating limp hair.  H2O Mist is a great product for reducing matting and maintaining moisture levels in the coat.  Use daily to maintain optimal moisture levels.  Hydrated shafts refract back brilliant color and shine.   Get all the shine without the weight!

Coconut Water
Isopropyl Palmitate
Increase Skin’s Suppleness & Add Shine Decrease Excessive Oils on Skin’s Surface Add Moisture to Improve Tone and Smooth Feel

H20 Hydrating Spray