Terrier Touch

Terrier Touch Shampoo

The Terrier Touch shampoo maintains the texture of your dog’s hair by using a variety of proteins. This shampoo also deepens the color of your dog’s coat by using optical brighteners. The aloe vera in the shampoo heals the damaged skin.

Optical Brighteners
Aloe Vera
Enrich the color of your dog. The Aloe Vera repairs Damaged skin.

Terrier Touch Conditioner

The Terrier Touch Conditioner has Silk Amino Acids , which moisturize the skin and hair without softening the hair. The Quaternium 82 in the product is a natural sunblock. The proteins in the conditioner does not let the hair shaft get soft.

Silk Amino Acids
Rice & Wheat proteins
Moisturize the skin Without making the coat Soft. The proteins keep the coat from getting soft.

The Show Shine

The Show Shine was developed to help add shine and texture to your dogs top-coat. Achieve that beautiful shine on show days, simply mist onto the coat prior to ring time brush through and see the difference this makes on your dogs jacket! This product can be used in maintenance programs to keep the top coats and jackets clean and shiny in between shows. NO Silicones or Oils to soften the coat.

Self Rinse Shampoo

This Self Rinse Shampoo is ideal when bathing is not an option. This is a residue FREE product that allows you to spray on, suds up and wipe off. Use this product daily to help maintain your dog: clean up beards, feet and urine stains. The optical brighteners in this self-rinse will help enhance your dogs natural coat color. NO bleach, peroxide or alcohol to damage the coat Can be diluted 1 to 8 parts water.

This is an excellent base for applying chalks. The ingredients we use help create the perfect balance for the furnishings and the chalk creating a natural appearance. Kholestrol is a fantastic tool to help create a base for tubes that leave an impressive look. As a chalk base this heavier weight formula will give you the extra hold and consistency for additional volume and texture.

Terrier Touch Kholesterol Light

Kholesterol Light is an excellent base for applying chalk.The ingredients we use help create the perfect balance for furnishings creating a natural appearance. As a chalk base this formula will give the adequate consistency for volume and texture.

Chalk Base
Molding Cream
Use a small amount in the necessary areas and distribute evenly. Do not saturate the furnishings. For best results apply Terrier Touch chalks. Hold’s the coat in place.

Texture Mineral Spray

The Texture Mineral Spray was created to give your dogs coat that naturally harsh texture. Pump and spray, feel the difference.

Dead Sea Salt
Spray onto coat to create texture. Restore Lost Minerals

Texture Mineral Foam

The Texture Mineral Foam will create a harsh feel to the outer coat. The minerals work to restore the natural texture while bonding to the hair shaft.

Dead Sea Salt
Create Harsh Coats, Curls and Waves Naturally Thicken and Texturize

Texture Minerals

Texture Minerals are derived from many minerals. They naturally put back what has been stripped off from poor nutrition and environment. Return coat to its correct genetic state as opposed to artificial enhancements.

Dead Sea Salt
Create Harsh Coats, Curls and Waves Naturally Thicken and Texturize

Texture Minerals Texturizing & Thickening Spray

Texture Minerals Texturizing & Thickening Spray is Formulated to emphasizes the natural propensity of the coat. This is a versatile design tool that provides texture, natural shine and density to the coat.

Terrier Touch on Harsh Coated Breeds: Emphasize the Hard , Wiry Outer Coat by adding Density & Crispness to a Show Coat.

Terrier Touch on Double Coated Breeds: Add density and coarseness to emphasize the coarser topcoat and bring volume to the softer under coat.