Texture Mineral Shampoo

Texture Mineral Shampoo is formulated with Natural Minerals from the Dead Sea.  Formulated to emphasize the Hard, Wiry Outer Coat on Harsh Coated Breeds.  Adds density & crispness to a show Coat.  Low Sudsing Formula to protect the Dead Sea Minerals. Rice proteins and Aloe Vera are added to add shine and repair the skin.

Rice Protein
Dead Sea Minerals
Aloe Vera
Natural Shine & Highlights Natural Crisp Hard Texture Heals & Repairs Skin.  Adds Natural Shine.

Texture Mineral Foam

The Texture Mineral Foam will create a harsh feel to the outer coat.  The minerals work to restore the natural texture while bonding to the hair shafts of the coat.

Natural Salt Bonds
Enhances Texture: Create harsh coat and curl or waves.Enhances Genetic Quality: Naturally thicken and texturize

Texture Minerals Spray

The Texture Minerals Spray was created to give your dog's coat that natural harsh texture.  Apply and feel the difference.

Natural Salt Bonds
Enhances Texture: Spray on to coat to create textureGenetic Quality:  Restore lost minerals

Texture Minerals

Texture Minerals are derived from many minerals.  These minerals naturally put back what has been stripped off from poor nutrition and environment.  Return the coat to its correct genetic state as opposed to artificial enhancements.

Thickening Spray

Emphasize the Hard, Wiry Outer Coat  by adding Density & Crispness to a Show Coat.Double Coated Breeds:

Add density and coarseness to emphasize the coarser topcoat and bring volume to the softer undercoat.